Perform the tasks,
say the words,
slay the vamp,
and reap the rewards!




The 2011 Hunted "Slayer in Training" Scavenger Hunt was held over 4 days - July 21st through the 24th at the 2011 San Diego Comic Con.  Click here to see the official rules.  Potential slayers were instructed to download the free mobile app "SCVNGR" which listed several challenges that were updated on a regular basis.

Among the challenges were:

Track The Hunted Booth Babes using their twitter account and acquire a "Slayer in Training" t-shirt,

Track Edward (seen in The Hunted episode "Con Job 2") by following Bella's twitter account and "get bitten" with a temporary tattoo,

Find an inflatable slayer sword "at the booth sharing the same item number as the LEGO Shave a Sheep set" (3845),

Find Bob who will give you slayer sword classes to defeat Edward,

Track the booth babes for a bottle of "Slayerade",

Track down Dr. Jess for the antidote to Slayerade before they explode,

Find Edward and destroy him in an epic swordfight by using the sword skills you've learned.

Other challenges included taking a picture with your Hunted sword facing off against one the biggest baddest creatures at Comic Con, creating a Hunted Haiku, taking a picture of your Hunted tattoo, and answering Hunted trivia (such as naming our sponsor or the winner of our first $1000 Youtube contest).



Hunted "Bite Me" Buttons

The Hunted "Slayer in Training" T-Shirts

Slayerade Sport Bottles

Vampfangs Custom Fit Fangs & Jewelry

The Hunted Official Inflatable Slayer Training Sword

And our grand prize - a walk-on role in The Hunted Feature Film!



There were approximately 20 slayers on the hunt over the four days

Of the 20 slayers, half of the slayers were able to arm themselves with swords

Of those armed with swords, only half made it through slayer training

and of those to destroy Edward and win the grand prize, there can be only one...

But as fate would have it, there were four...

Presenting the winners of The Hunted "Slayer in Training" Scavenger Hunt and our newest addition to our slayer army...




The Geek Squad was relentless in their pursuit to slay Edward and win the grand prize - a walk-on role in The Hunted feature film!  Not only did they create their own slayer shirts, they defeated Edward on the pedestrian bridge in an EPIC battle.

They are a welcome addition to our slayer army and The Hunted Feature Film currently in production.



Goes to NICOLE DUBUC, who rocked the scavenger hunt and actually scored a few points higher than the Geek Squad, but was unable to slay Edward.  It has been decided that Nicole will also receive a walk-on role in the feature!






Thanks to everyone who participated in the scavenger hunt.  And a special thanks to our cast who spent days draggin around heavy schwag bags, getting stuck with "Bite Me" buttons, twittering their thumbs off, and being surprise attacked with inflatable swords:

Jessica Cail
Kimberly Fox
Chelsea Povall
Nicholas Hiegel
Liz McClelland
Mary Lee Holzheimer and her booth babes

For a review of the SCVNGR app, check out our Blog


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