Fifth Quasi-Annual Contest Winners!


Amidst the continuing chaos that is The Hunted Feature Film, the results of The Hunted Fifth Quasi-Annual $1000 Youtube Contest are in!

Unfortunately, several episodes were unable to meet the deadline including an all-musical episode of The Hunted, and one of our first episodes from Australia (I'm guessing vampire koalas). Note that any episodes submitted after the deadline are automatically entered in our next contest.

So good news for the episodes that did make the deadline. I want to thank everyone for all their hard work, and I want to thank our judges for being a part of this contest.


Dr. Hackam, Vampire Therapist
Vanessa Bojanowski


Dead, Write and Blue
Brian Maris


Parkour Lycan
Peter Bisson


All entries can be viewed online here.

For more info on being a part of our next contest, check our contest page here.