THE HUNTED is a sword-slingin, vamp-slayin original series that's based almost entirely on user content - meaning that virtually anyone anywhere can create and shoot their own episode.

The episodes are 5-10 minutes long and shot "reality TV" style, which means you don't need all that fancy equipment.  NOTE - You can't kill our vamps with a stake!
Read our PRODUCTION TIPS for more info.

In addition to CASH PRIZES for best episode, our JUDGES are made up of Hollywood professionals - casting agents, stunt coordinators, directors, producers, etc. The winner of our first competition not only landed a Hollywood agent, but a role in a hit TV series.

Winning episodes have been featured on our official site at, and at various film festivals, online channels, Roku streaming, publications, and have become OFFICIAL AFFILIATES. Check out some of our previous contests HERE.

No cost to enter and you keep all rights to your film. So you got nothing to lose!
Need more reasons to join this awesomeness? Need a SAG card?
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Simply upload your episode to your personal Youtube account and send the link to  We'll add it to our playlist and your episode will be automatically entered into our next contest.

Judging is partially based on the number of views, so put the word out there and subscribe to our Youtube channel. The sooner you enter, the better!

Episodes are also judged on acting, action, story, production value and comedy. For more details and official rules CLICK HERE

$1000 - First Place
$500 - Second Place
$250 - Third Place

If you can't shoot an episode but you'd like to help (acting, writing, shooting, directing, vfx, editing, etc), post your info on our Facebook group and we'll hook you up.

And finally, if you'd rather not sully your hands with vampire slaying, help us keep this train wreck on the rails by clicking the Paypal button below and becoming one of our Official Sponsors (thank you - you rock!).