The Hunted is a sword-slingin, vampire-slayin webseries that's based almost entirely on user content - meaning that virtually anyone anywhere can shoot their own episode. Check our TIPS PAGE for more info.

So why would you want to be part of one of the longest running web shows online with a ready made fanbase? Here's our TOP TEN REASONS...

1. Win $1000!
Did we already mention $1000?  Regular contests offer cash prizes including 1000 freakin dollars for best episode!

2. Professional Judges
Episodes will be seen by a panel of Hollywood professionals including directors, writers, stunt coordinators and talent agents.  Click here for a list of past judges.

3. Exposure
The Hunted is one of the longest running shows online and has a ready-made following of fans and filmmakers around the world waiting for that next episode. 

4. Showcase Your Skills
Thanks to The Hunted, our first contest winner, Kendall Wells in Oregon, not only landed a part in the TV series "Leverage", he also signed with a top Hollywood agent.

5. It's Easy
Episodes are only 6-8 minutes long and can be shot practically anywhere in the world in a single weekend.  And it's definitely easier than creating an entire web series from scratch - designing a website, building a fanbase, marketing the show, and having to come up with episodes every couple days to keep your fans engaged.

6. It's Cheap
Thanks to the format of the show (reality TV), episodes can be shot on virtually no budget with limited equipment, cast and crew.

7. It's Hot
Vampires have always been hot in Hollywood - most recently Buffy, Blade, Underworld, True Blood and Twilight.  The Hunted takes the genre to the next level by making it an complete online experience.

8.  What I Really Want to do is Direct
This show is the perfect opportunity for a writer to act, an actor to direct, or someone who has no experience whatsoever.  All three winners of our first contest had never done anything like this before.  And many of our contest winners have also gone on to become "affiliates" with their own spinoff shows and custom URL like www.thehunted.tv/kendall

9. You've Got Nothing to Lose
Unlike other online contests, there's no cost to enter, you keep all rights to your video, you gain practical experience, build your demo reel, showcase your skills, win some cash, and become part of a new concept in web series entertainment without all that mucking about with web design, development, and marketing.

10. Go for it!
Stop waiting around for someone to give you the time, money or permission to shoot something.  Go for it!  Besides, there's vampires that need slayin.


Shoot an episode of The Hunted and become SAG eligible?  Yep, it's true! 
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Sounds cool, so what do I do?

Check out our TIPS PAGE or contact us at info@thehunted.tv and we can help you develop an idea for an episode.

If you need additional resources  - actors, writers, directors, editors, musicicans, visual effects, stuntmen, extras, crew, etc., contact us and we'll try and hook you up.

Once you've shot your episode, simply post it to your personal Youtube account and send us the link.  We'll add it to our playlist and your episode will be automatically entered into our next contest. 

If you can't shoot an episode but you'd like to help, post your info on our Facebook group.

And finally, if you'd rather not sully your hands with vampire slaying, become an Official Sponsor by clicking on the Paypal link below (thank you - you rock!).